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Website Terms of Use

Article 1 Website Operator

This website or homepage (hereinafter referred to as Bandai Site) is operated by BANDAI CO.,LTD., its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). Please carefully read the Terms of Use as indicated below, before using various information and data posted on the Bandai Site, since use of any content included in this site is restricted.
Furthermore, if any individual site has its own terms of use, please use the site after having read the terms of use carefully.

Article 2 Restriction on Use of Data Materials

1. Information and data posted on the Bandai Site such as graphics, pictures, movies, music, sounds, texts, games and programs as well as character designs(hereinafter collectively referred to as Data Materials) are protected by the copyright (or neighboring rights) of the Company or the right holder which grants its license to the Company.
2. These Data Materials are allowed to download only if all of the following conditions are satisfied:
 (1). The intended use is non-profit and personal use,
 (2). Only one (1) copy is made by one (1) computer for household use at home,  
 (3). Notice of all copyright, trademark right and all other rights indicated in the Data Material are kept as they are.
3. Please be extremely careful not to use the Data Materials for the following purposes:
 (1). The downloaded Data Materials are installed on another computer,
 (2). The downloaded Data Materials are copied, modified or edited, and distributed or sold to any third party, and reverse engineered, decompiled, disassembled and otherwise changed to readable form. Typical examples thereof is to make some alterations on the downloaded character's Data Materials, to post the Data Materials on own website, or to print out and distribute the Data Materials to others.
4. The downloaded Data Materials can only be used non-exclusively within the range approved in the Terms of Use, which does not mean any assignment of rights.
5. If the customer violates the Terms of Use, the Company may cancel the license to use the Data Materials. In this case, the customer must immediately stop using the Data Materials and destroy all downloaded Data Materials and the copies thereof.
6. Regardless of whether the Company has canceled the license or not, if the customer uses the Data Materials in a method other than personal use (unless specifically permitted by the Copyright Act) without permission from the Company, it will constitute the infringement of the copyright (or neighboring rights). Please closely pay attention that copyright infringement is regarded as illegal under the Copyright Act and the customer may be not only subject to injunction demand on infringement activities or damage compensation claim from the right holder but also subject to severe criminal penalties.
7. While this Bandai Site is transmitted from Hong Kong, it is also protected under the domestic laws of the countries where Bandai Site is received in accordance with the Berne Convention, Universal Copyright Convention, etc. Therefore, unauthorized use of the Data Materials in foreign countries still remains to constitute an infringement of the copyright (or neighboring rights).

Article 3 Disclaimers

The Company disclaims any warranty for the contents, functions, other data and materials, etc. of this Bandai Site, whether express or implied.
Even if the situation shown in the following specific examples (but not limited to those) arises due to use of this site, the Company will not be liable for any damages, expenses, repair of data or any other matters:
(Specific Examples)
 (1). When any problem occurs with respect to the content of the site (including normality, accuracy, reliability, merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose),
 (2). When a virus or other harmful item exists on each site or server, and
 (3). When any trouble occurs with respect to transmission and reception of the Data Material of each site.

Article 4 Applicable Law

1. Interpretation of the Terms of Use shall be governed by Japan law.
2. In the event that any dispute arises in connection with the Service, the court in Japan shall have the jurisdiction in the first instance.



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